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  • kali-miniature-india-mandi-18th-century


Pigments on paper

India, Mandi, First half of the 18th century

Height: 20,5 ; Width: 15 cm

This very strong image is depicting the fierce Kali. Naked, dark-coloured, her neck and arms adorned with human bone necklaces. The terrible Kali is licking the blood of a freshly cut out human skull. Her eight arms are holding a sword, a human freshly cut head, the trident, a spine, a rope, a mala rosary, a stick and a skullcap. Kali symbolizes Time: raging everything in its way. She is named “Digambara”, which means “Naked in space”. The immensity of space is her coat. The dark colour of her skin represents the moment where space and time do not exist any more. She is one of the most powerful deities and for sure the most powerful feminine one.